NEOSHO, Mo. — Crowder College is receiving a grant for its Upward Bound Program.

The program that has been serving area high schools for over 20 years is receiving $4.4 million to last until August of 2027.

Those funds are coming from the U.S. Department of Education and thanks to them, the program has always been free.

The program works specifically with high school students to provide educational support through extra courses throughout the year such as cultural trips and research projects.

Crowder College officials say this program also aids in the transition from high school to college.

“You know, it’s just like any of us. Once we’ve made a relationship or at least met someone, we feel a little more comfortable, we feel a little bit more involved. I think those students coming to campus makes them feel like, I can go to college, you know, it’s not as scary as it might be the first time they walk in here,” said Cindy Brown, Director of Public Information, Crowder College.

Upward Bound is offered to 150 area high school students in 10 Southwest Missouri counties.