NEOSHO, Mo. — It’s never been more difficult for companies to attract and then retain qualified employees than as it is right now.

That’s the purpose of the Crowder College Apprenticeship Summit.

Apprenticeship programs are ideal for some area companies because they provide them with new employees who are ready to hit the ground running.

Crowder officials say it’s a good thing for students, because they don’t have to spend years in a classroom before they can start earning good money and they won’t have a problem finding a job.

“We do know that the more you can train an employee, the better you can retain that employee, so if we can help with the training and alleviate some of the need for them to have another employee having to train a person, if we can help with some of that, then it only helps them build a better workforce,” said Cindy Brown, Director of Public Information, Crowder College.

The college already has apprenticeship programs with four area companies and is always looking to add more.