PITTSBURG, Ks. — A group of cross-country cyclists made a pitstop in Pittsburg Sunday afternoon.

It was part of the non-profit Bike the US for MS.

The Virginia-based organization helps those with multiple sclerosis through volunteer work, financial assistance, treatment and research.

It’s been going on since 2007.

Sunday’s group is part of the Transamerica-Route and bikes an average 70 miles a day to help raise money for the cause.

“It means a lot because you’re able to see the US, one by bike, slower than you do in a car or plane, two, you’re able to help people out with MS, and just help those around that normally don’t get the help that they need,” says Eddie Sinsun, Head Route Leader.

“My little sister, her daughter, my niece developed MS, woke up one morning, age 20 and couldn’t get out of bed. Eventually she found a physician, who had an experimental drug therapy, and a year later they came back to repeat that, they did another test and all of her lesions in her spine had disappeared. She’s been able to graduate from college and has gotten married and is moving on with her life, so it’s a real good story. It’s personally gratifying to me to be helping fund research to help in this disease,” Jeffery Smith, Biker.

At the end of the trip, bikers will present a check of their donations to UC San Francisco.

It will help fund multiple sclerosis research.

If you would like to contribute you can do so using this link.