CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. — A man is dead after allegedly confronting authorities outside his home near Vinita.

According to a release by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), Guy Walker pulled out a bow and arrow as authorities approached his property during an investigation Monday morning. After refusing to put down the weapon, he was shot by a two officers and killed.

It started just before 7 AM when a 911 call was received which reported a large chunk of concrete blocking some railroad track on 4400 Rd. Authorities with the Vinita Police Department and Craig County Sheriff’s Office visited the tracks and located the concrete blocking the way. From the railroad however, more recent man-made tracks could be seen which they followed to a nearby residence.

This brought law enforcement to a property, where they found a tractor from the tracks and Guy Walker “making ruckus” and “going in and out of his house.” As they approached Walker, the responding officers saw him pull out a bow and arrow. After asking him to set the weapon down, Walker instead waved the bow and arrow “in a threatening manner,” OSBI said in a release.

It was then both a deputy and officer fired upon Walker, killing him. No other injuries have been reported.

This is a developing story and we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.