NEVADA, Mo. — It’s a vacation this week at Cottey College known as “Vacation College,” an event held every year following Spring Commencement. This week marks the 30th annual “Vacation College.” It’s a week to reminisce with old friends and make new friends, all while living like a Cottey College student.

“Vacation College is the opportunity for our alumni, our PEO’s, our BIL’s, our friends of the college to come back and be a Cottey student,” said Christi Ellis, Associate VP of Institutional Advancement.

Participants get to stay in residence halls, eat in the Raney Dining Room, and attend classes with their long-time friends.

“We see that happen year after year and form these same bonds and those relationships and those same connections that our students do. It’s really that, Cottey connection that we see happen year after year. Not only with our students, but also with our Vacation College,” said Ellis.

Some of the classes attended Tuesday were making jewelry, paper wrapping, a journaling class, the Canasta card game class, and even a lecture on music of the 60s: The British Invasion.

“Some of the classes might be activity classes. We have academic classes, we have some classes that might have a field trip involved. They have classes that are physical activity classes. We have some craft classes. Just a wide variety,” said Ellis.

Lois Lee is an alumni of the Class of 1944 and she’s come back for this event year for three decades. This is her 30th time at “Vacation College.”

“And when you get on campus, old feelings keep creeping up. And the first friend that you’ve had that you met here, whether it was last year or five years ago… How wonderful to see you again! It just warms your heart. It renews my batteries,” said Lois Lee, Cottey College Alumni.

There were 135 participants, all visiting from Missouri, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, and Hawaii.