NEVADA, Mo. — Families, teachers and students were celebrating the conclusion of several academic journeys.

This morning Cottey College celebrated its 135th commencement.

A total of 20 associate degrees and 33 bachelor degrees were awarded, representing a total of 15 different states and 10 countries including France, Kenya and Nepal.

While today marked the end for students, this will also be the final commencement for the current president of Cottey College before she retires.

“Having everybody here supporting you and feeling all the love from everybody, it got me so emotional,” says Maggie Overbeck, Cottey College Graduate, “I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional as it was.”

“And these are the types of things that make Cottey College so special and so personal,” says Dr. Jann Weitzel, Cottey College President, “Today was a little bitter sweet, it was wonderful to have this commencement ceremony, to be here with the students that I have seen come in as students and then graduate, and at the same time I’m looking forward to putting my feet up and reading a good book.”

President Dr. Weitzel has been a part of Cottey College for seven years and will be retiring at the end of June.