REPUBLIC, Mo. – Convoy of Hope is helping out families in Kentucky who are struggling with the recent flooding.

Ethan Forhetz with Convoy of Hope says the organization has sent over 300,000 pounds of relief supplies to Kentucky on trucks.

“It is mostly water because their water systems were knocked offline,” said Forhetz.

Convoy of Hope is also sending food, hygiene kits, baby items, and cleaning supplies.

“Following flooding, cleaning supplies are needed so people can clean up their houses after the water recedes,” said Forhetz.

Convoy of Hope says they have not needed to send additional teams to Kentucky because the local teams have been able to handle the distribution of supplies.

Additionally, Convoy of Hope has sent supplies to St. Louis, which has also seen major flooding in the last several days.

Forhetz says that the need for Convoy of Hope is less in St. Louis, however, because the community has, for the most part, stepped in to help those struggling with flooding.

“We have also sent truck loads of supply to Saint Louis, but less because there has been a lot of attention already shown and St Louis is a big area that has handled its own supply in large part. In short, the areas not affected by the flooding are stepping in to help the areas that were affected.”