JAY, Okla. – A Delaware County man was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in prison for sexually abusing a child.

Kevin Wayne Swager, 31, of Rose, was convicted in April in Delaware County District Court of child sexual abuse and child abuse, both felonies.

It is KSNF/KODE’s policy not to identify sexual assault victims.

The victim was 8 years old when the abuse started, the mother said during the hearing.

The victim’s mother asked that Swager serve 50 years in prison, be required to register as a sex offender, and for Swager to stay away from not only her and the children but her mother and grandmother as well.

“This is to keep my children, my family, and myself safe from Kevin Swager,” the victim’s mother said.  

Swager’s attorney, Terry Allen, asked for probation, and state prosecutor Laura DeYoung asked for the maximum sentence.

District Judge Barry Denney sentenced Swager to 25 years for child sexual abuse and 25 years for child abuse.  On the child abuse sentence, Denney suspended all but 10 years.  Both sentences are to run consecutively.

At the beginning of the hearing, Swager was heard saying, “I didn’t do it.

Swager denied abusing the child, but he also did confess to Delaware County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Brandon Houston to hurting the child, trial testimony shows.

Swager’s aggressiveness and temper were evident during the trial as he lashed out at prosecutor Laura DeYoung with cursing. The same demeanor was seen when the victim’s mother read her victim impact statement.

A visibly angry Swager attempted to leave the courtroom during her testimony.  He was eventually escorted out of the courtroom and returned when the sentence was announced.  

“This crime has not only affected myself, but my children and immediate family as well,” said the victim’s mother.

“We had to move for safety reasons,” the mother said.

“She (the victim) said she never told me because you said that I knew about it and was ok with it,” the victim’s mother said.  “That is one of the sickest things I have ever heard. I am glad she was strong enough for not only herself but her three little brothers who could not stand up for themselves. She has saved other children from having to endure abuse.”

The victim also disclosed to her mother the abuse suffered by a younger sibling who was lying in a bassinet.

 “You got so angry while trying to get the basinet through the door …that when you pulled it through the door that the basinet fell over with” the child in it, the mother said.

“Then you proceeded to kick the basinet several times,” the victim’s mother said.

“I had to get a hip X-ray…because (the child) was not walking at the appropriate age and the doctor said he could have suffered a physical injury due to that specific incident and others that we were not aware of,” the mother said.

Swager is to have no contact with the victim or her family when he is released from prison.  He is also required to register as a sex offender. “

Swager is also charged in Ottawa County District Court with child sexual abuse.