JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin landmark makes a big move – rededicated Monday in a ceremony in Mercy Park.

“This was one of the most awe-inspiring sculptures I’ve ever seen,” said Rex Hunt, Mercy Joplin Auxiliary.

Called “Compassion” – a longtime marker that outlived the hospital it once graced.

“It just looked like it had the weight of the world. And it could hold everything. It just almost took you to tears,” said Hunt.

That statue now has a new home, relocated from the original hospital site further north in Mercy Park.

“You know it’s kind of been tucked away in the side of the hill. And a lot of people didn’t really know it so now, for our community and our staff, and everybody who knows a little bit of history for Joplin to see this back in prominence and know that history will just be solidified, how far we’ve come as a community and as an organization,” said Jeremy Drinkwitz, Mercy Joplin President.

A dedication ceremony marked the transfer… with applause, prayer, and a bit of history. Weeks of planning finally led to the relocation last month.

“They did a great job and it’s not quite done yet. So we got the pieces on the bottom or had to be ordered like just like a lot of things right now. A little bit delay on shipping but once there, it’ll be granted that goes on the bottom just like the original, and then it’ll be completely finished,” said Drinkwitz.

The goal of the move was to give the beloved statue more visibility in the park.

“I want people to see it. I want people to be moved by it. That God has compassion for us. And maybe the book can be compassionate for each other. And so hopefully this will inspire our community to do exactly what it is about, have compassion for each other,” he added.

The “Compassion” statue was first installed at the hospital in 1996 – created by local sculptor Bill Snow in a project underwritten by the St. John’s Auxiliary.