ALTAMONT, Ks. — A Southeast Kansas community came together to keep a tradition alive.

Today marked the return of the annual Altamont Flag Day.

It almost didn’t happen this year.

A committee is usually in charge of putting the whole event together, but they were all unable to due to other commitments.

Altamont city clerk Heather Beasley took it upon herself to rally volunteers together, and in just three weeks Flag Day was ready to go.

“Luckily there was a whole notebook of stuff that they were able to give us, so we kind of had a starting point to go to, and just using all of my network people, we were able to reach out and throw something together, so it was really exciting to watch it all fall into place,” says Heather Beasley, Altamont City Clerk.

“Flag day is really important for our town and the people who live here really understood how important it was and how much fun the kids have when they come out. So knowing that people are participating and are excited about this just like we are, it really helps. Our hard work paid off and we’re really excited to see everyone today.”

Several local businesses like Labette Health and Oswego Meat Locker helped sponsor Flag Day to help support things like the barbeque contest, games and entertainment.