CARTHAGE, Mo. — Pieces of the past were on display in Southwest Missouri.

Today collectors from across the Four States filled Memorial Hall in Carthage.

It was part of this month’s collectible show held by the Barton-Jasper County Collectors Association.

It happens three times a year.

For some, its a chance to show off their collections of coins, baseball cards and stamps, for others, its a chance to complete a collection that they or a family member have started.

“There’s been people doing it for a while that are in their 80’s that come out, filling the coin collections up. People finishing an album that maybe their grandfather had left them, they’re trying to fill the holes in on the coin albums, or the stamp albums, or collecting postcards from Carthage, Joplin, Lamar,” says Brad Potter, Barton-Jasper County Collectors Association Chairman.

The association will return to Carthage for its third show of the year on December third.