CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — A Carl Junction student is on a short list of teens being recognized by the state for outstanding citizenship.

Senior Maggie Brown is one of just 15 students in Missouri to receive the 2022 award. She’s also the latest in a string of Carl Junction Bulldogs chosen for the honor.

One has won it for 15-straight years now.

It was created by state lawmakers more than 30 years ago to highlight civic actions, academics, leadership, and community service.

“And they’ve got to be involved in some sort of StuCo or student government. And then they have to write an essay of what citizenship means to them. And pick a person that is an example of that citizenship,” said Terry Higgins, CJHS Social Studies Teacher.

“I was really excited, I mean to be a part of CJ who now has had 15 winners. It’s a really big honor – I was super excited just to be chosen for this. And then to actually win was super exciting,” said Maggie Brown, CJHS Senior.

Brown is the senior class vice president and plans to attend John Brown University after graduation.