CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Promotions mean new faces in administration in the Carl Junction School District.

Current High School Principal Theresa Wilson has been named the new Assistant Superintendent for Operations. That leaves her job open, a vacancy that will be filled by current Assistant Principal Kyle Williams. Both say their experience with the district will shorten the learning curve for the new jobs.

“I think I know Carl Junction’s tradition of excellence in instruction and education. And I’m just ready to jump in and keep the momentum moving forward,” said Theresa Wilson, CJHS Principal.

“I just want to continue to uphold the same academic excellence that I think people have come to expect from Carl Junction, CJ schools. We have great educators, great students, great parents, and a very supportive community,” added Kyle Williams, CJHS ASst. Principal.

The changes will take effect this summer, on July 1st.