COLUMBUS, Ks. — The city of Columbus is asking residents to vote “yes” on the upcoming ballot.

A special election will take place on Tuesday June 14th.

It will be a single issue ballot for the continuation of the city’s half percent sales tax, which has been in place since 1997.

If renewed, the money generated from the tax will go towards the city’s general fund, which goes to support things like the police department, fire department, streets and other city projects.

“A large part of our general funds supports our emergency services, so our police department, fire department do a great job in keeping our community safe, and a large component of this is providing support to those departments, so we really hope that our residents support what we’re trying to do in the city and that they will give us their go ahead to continue to take in this revenue that’s very important for our city,” says Jake Letner, Columbus City Administrator.

Early voting is currently underway at the Cherokee County courthouse.

Voting will also take place at the Columbus community center during election day from 7 am until 7 pm.