PITTSBURG, Kans. — The City of Pittsburg will continue to receive help from Pitt State when it comes to analyzing the local economy.

The Kelce College of Business will be conducting an economic research project for the city. It’s something that’s been done in the past.

The city commission approved $25,000 to fund the next project for one year.

According to Deputy City Manager Jay Byers, the study will analyze the health of the Pittsburg economy including credit scores and the state of the middle class.

“In the last seven years, we’ve increased the middle class by 10% which is a significant increase and we brought those people from the lower class to the middle class. We need to know how we’re doing. We kind of see this as a report card. It’s a third party, objective analysis of the state of the economy in Pittsburg,” said Byers.

The Kelce College of Business will produce quarterly and annual reviews over the course of the project.