MIAMI, Okla. — A Town Hall meeting to discuss decades of flooding issues in connection with Grand River Dam Authority’s operations of the Pensacola Project is set for June 10th.

The public forum is from 7 to 9 PM at the Coleman Theatre located at 103 N Main Street in Miami.

“We want the community to have an opportunity to get updated and current on all issues involving the decades of flooding, and the city’s and other’s efforts to get results,” said Bo Reese, Miami City Manager in a prepared statement.

Reese is encouraging all residents to come to the public forum and ask questions.

“We’re working for the betterment of the city,” Reese said.  

Two separate and lengthy administrative procedural processes and one civil lawsuit are currently underway involving the City of Miami.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC relicensing administrative process that governs operations of the project for the next 30 to 50 years and its pending appeal whether GRDA is in violation because of its lack of flowage easements.

The state civil lawsuit involves 456 local property owners, including the City of Miami, seeking compensation for repetitive and ongoing flooding issues, primarily in 2007, caused by GRDA’s operation of the Pensacola Project.

Documentation has been presented to GRDA and FERC demonstrating these issues of concern.

The current license expires in 2025.