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Joplin City Council met for a work session Monday night to discuss 13 City Action Plan items that were adjusted based on council feedback. The items fell under three sections, including Community Appearance, Declining Neighborhoods, and Resilient Revenue

City manager Nick Edwards led the presentation of the adjusted items. Edwards said that these items are “loose plans” that would be communicated to the public. The items that were not discussed in Monday’s work session are set to go forward as they were first presented, as the items that were discussed were only those that needed adjusted. The finalization of the City Action Plans will be discussed in a work session May 10.  

“I’m excited to get these plans, start the conversation with these plans,” Edwards said. “Again, these are plans that have been developed based on community feedback. The community has weighed in significantly and cold us that they want to see a new and improved Joplin. They want to see us address declining neighborhoods, they want to see improved appearance, and that is so very important for us if we’re going to grow and thrive. We need to be an attractive place for businesses and future residents, and I think these plans will help us do just that.” 

Going forward from Monday’s work session, Edwards and his team will take the discussion back and go over the plans one more time, and if there are edits to make they will make those. The total 46 City Action Plans will then be presented to city council May 10. At that point they will seek to finalize the Action Plans for the last time before taking them back to the community. 

Courtesy Joplin City Council Agenda

The six items adjusted under Community Appearance included Strategy 1: Adopt-A-Street Program; Strategy 2: Residence & Business of the Month; Strategy 3: Review Zoning Code; Strategy 4: Review Signage Codes; Strategy 5: Review Non-residential Property Maintenance Codes; Strategy 6: Beautification Study. 

Courtesy Joplin City Council Agenda

The six items adjusted under Declining Neighborhoods included Strategy 1: Housing Revitalization Plan; Strategy 2: Neighborhood Improvement Zone; Strategy 3: Review Other City Codes; Strategy 4: Home Repair Program; Strategy 6: Reduce Number of Vacant & Dangerous Buildings; Strategy 9: Joplin Homeowner Assistance Program. 

Courtesy Joplin City Council Agenda

The one adjusted item under Resilient Neighborhood included Strategy 2: Authorize the Creation of a Museum and Theater District. 

“The Action Plans tonight were version two, version one came at the end of February and end of March, and so we’ve gone through them again to edit and make sure we’re on the right track,” Edwards said. “… The ones that were updated were the ones that had the most discussion previously, and so they’re the ones that, you know, there were some lingering questions or some additional thoughts, and so we went through all the meeting video to mark those up and brought those back for version two.” 

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