CHS students learn about marketing and munching with food truck project

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — Food trucks have been around for years, and on Thursday students in Carthage were asked to dream up their own.

High school students in Carthage as well as those in the culinary arts program put their heads together to create their own mythical restaurant on wheels.

Carthage High School teacher Monica Curl says the exercise is ideal for helping students in her marketing class, as well as those that might make food service their career.

“My class created food trucks and then they worked on the design, the menu, the logo and what they would use to advertise it, and then we paired with Mrs. Jones culinary kids to actually like produce a product from their truck, so each group made one food product from each truck,” said Curl.

“Having this experience and knowing what how we can bring that together, what we need to do, what we need to learn, and this is just the mild step that we have and that insight was just so like relieving like just made it feel a lot better for my future, and I’ve had a lot of other students also say the exact same thing, so it was really helpful,” said Kyli McNee, a student at CHS.

McNee added she was excited for this project because she want’s to start her own business some day.

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