Christmas tree business sees hardship

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Christmas is just around the corner, but you could have a harder time finding the perfect tree.

“They don’t have the sturdy branches like a Fraser, the Fraser will hold a lot of ornaments,” said Albert Farris, owner of Alberts.

Albert’s gets their trees from Northern Wisconsin and said they’ve been seeing a shortage of certain types of trees.

“The taller trees and almost any Fraser firs, especially the taller ones, there’s a real shortage of supply right now,” Farris said. “Probably has been the past two or three years. From what I’m hearing, it’s going to take probably another three or four years for it to level out.”

Albert’s has also been seeing a jump in price.

“Not only the price of the trees has increased, but the freight is a lot more,” Farris said. “I think our freight is 20 percent higher this year.”

There are some ways to keep your tree looking fresh over the next month.

“The main thing is, wherever you buy it of course get the fresh cut on it and get it in water within two or three hours after that cut,” Farris said. “And then check the tree in your house once you put it up every day because the first few days after you put your tree up its going to soak up a lot of water, they’re thirsty.”

Farris said if the water level goes below the cut, then you need to recut the tree.

“If that tree’s dry and brittle you need to take it down immediately, but these trees will hold up,” Farris said.

Families have said buying a tree is part of the holiday tradition.

“We just like the smell of the fresh-cut trees,” said Cathy Kaylor, tree buyer. “They seem to last longer and I think they’re prettier, and it’s always been our tradition. We like to go out and get a real tree.”

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