JOPLIN, Mo. — Some area organizations have partnered together to kick off an annual fundraiser.

Joplin’s Sam’s Club and Walmart have partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network at Freeman Health System for the annual fundraising campaign.

The Changing Kid’s Health fundraiser has happened every year for the last 35 years. In those 35 years, the partnership has raised over $1 billion and in 2021, they raised over $100,000.

Last year, Sam’s Club alone raised over $60,000 for the effort.

“It’s very important because we sponsor the local kids in Joplin and we see these kids every day in our club, and it’s always nice to see that local money goes to the local children,” said Romesh Navaratnam, Assistant Manager, Sam’s Club.

“They’re a great partner of ours to help kids who need medical care in our community whether that be actual care, whether that be equipment, whether that be medications. Their partnership with us over the last 35 years has been really beneficial to supporting kids in our community,” said Ryan Melton, Executive Director of Development, Freeman Health System.

The fundraiser begins today and will go until July 10th.

Donations are accepted at cash registers or online.