JOPLIN, Mo. — A published author and Carl Junction resident, takes the time to read some of his books to a group of parents and children.

Isaiah Basey, also known as “Izzy B” to his readers, was at the Joplin Public Library Thursday night (7/21), reading two of his self-published and self-illustrated books.

The free family night event was hosted by the Ozark Center, and focused on the theme of “Growing Resiliency In Our Children.”

The two books that “Izzy” chose to read aloud were “Moose Goose” and “Imaginary Fiends,” both of them based on the theme of “Resiliency.”

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“Izzy B,” who was once an elementary school teacher, recently gave that up in order to devote himself to writing and illustrating children’s books full-time.

“I’m all about laughter, like that’s my whole spiel: Making books that are funny. I think our kids have some serious lives. I think they need to laugh, I think they just need to be kids. We’re making them grow up too fast, so I’m all about having a good time and knowing it’s okay to laugh, it’s okay to have a good time and just being silly,” said children’s author and illustrator, Isaiah “Izzy B” Basey.

Thanks to the Ozark Center, each child who attended Thursday night’s reading was able to choose from one of six published “Izzy B” books to take home, free of charge.