Children learn about maps and compass use in Wildcat Glades event

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Junior explorers headed to the trails Sunday afternoon to learn about navigation.

Wildcat Glades hosted an informational meeting for children to learn how to use compasses and maps while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

The lesson included learning how to find north with a compass, counting their steps while walking, and learning about contour lines on a map.

Instructors say introducing kids to these skills at a young age can help prevent them from getting lost while exploring.

Jimmy Burgess of True North Enterprises says, “With kids, when they are out in the woods, they’re going to find different things that they’re interested in. They may wander off, they may follow a creek, they may do something like that. The second they get separated from their parents, the first thing is that kind of panic feeling. So if we give them this skill set, you know it kind of eases that panic because they know what they need to do in that situation.”

Burgess adds these skills are also important to know in case you aren’t able to use navigation from technology.

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