CHICOPEE, Kans. — A flag and memorial monument dedication honors one of the very first established schools in Crawford County.

This monument at the old Chicopee school yard in the community of Chicopee Kansas is telling the story of the past.

“It was to commemorate two different things. One was the school that sat here where this monument is, that was the school here for a hundred years, and also for Chicopee Rural Water District, which was the first Rural Water District in the state of Kansas,” said Jerry Lomshek, Book Keeper, Chicopee Rural Water District.

The flag and monument are dedicated in recognition of the old School District 62 and the Chicopee Rural Water District.

Chicopee school first opened back in 1869 and was then closed in 1969.

“The school was, it was the third school that was built here. It was moved to this site in 1890 and then the next school was built here in 1922, a hundred years ago, and so that’s the significance of the of sight. That’s why it’s built here. The significance of the site of the flag pole is that this is the exact same spot that the school’s flagpole stood, and in fact, a four-foot section of that original pole is inside of this one,” said Lomshek.

Over 30 local residents came out for Monday’s dedication.

“It’s just to remind us of our rich heritage, you know, we’re really fortunate in Southeast Kansas. We have a really rich heritage here. You know it’s really colorful, rich heritage, and people can’t be reminded of that too often,” said Lomshek.