CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. — Cherokee County officials are keeping a close eye on deteriorating roads… Literally.

In the video above you can see the scene at 50th and Wyandotte, between Crestline and Columbus.

It was worse than this, but crews have been out patching where rainfall and floods waters have caused roads, especially secondary roads, to literally deteriorate.

The county’s road and bridge superintendent explains years of neglect of “ditching,” as well as aging steel pipes, aren’t holding up in certain spots, especially with this last round of precipitation. Parts of the roadway have been washed out, but crews are out assessing and fixing the damage as quickly as possible.

The superintendent explains a “ditching” and drainage project is already underway throughout the county to help with future flooding events, but will take some time to complete.

Cherokee County Emergency Management adds drive with caution and use common sense — if the road doesn’t look safe, don’t drive on it.