COLUMBUS, Kans. — After learning about a mix up in a Cherokee County Commissioner race, the County Clerk’s Office is calling for an entire recount of votes.

Cherokee County Clerk, Rebecca Brassart discovered an error in the election vote tabulation program, “Atchison Kansas Based Lockwood Elections” during a post-election audit.

It was initially believed the District One County Commissioner race was the only impacted race.

However, the County Clerk’s Office stated it cannot move forward with certifying the election if there is any question of election integrity.

Brassart said she contacted the Secretary of State’s Office Friday to request a complete recount of Cherokee County’s August 2nd election votes.

Four audit-recount boards are currently working through the weekend to recount all votes.

Brassart says the goal is to have the recounts complete and certified by the Secretary of State’s Office by early next week.