CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. — The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has released its 2021 crime statistics.

Last year, there was a 16% increase in aggravated assault cases — but a downward trend in several other instances.

This includes:

  • a 26% decrease in burglaries
  • a 16% decrease in domestic battery cases
  • and a 10% decrease in thefts.

Over the past 10 years, similar trends have happened across the country — with a decrease in property crimes and an increase in violent crimes.

“The job market plays a factor into that, drugs play a factor into that, a lot of times, especially around this area, in our local area, a lot of the violent crimes, the homicides have some sort of nexus to illegal drugs,” said Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

The sheriff’s office will use this information to help focus on department training and resources in the coming year.