NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — There will soon be a new way to rent and return books in Newton County.

Last week, the Neosho-Newton County Library installed three check-out lockers aross the county.

The project is a result of the library receiving a $60,000 grant from the “Strengthening Missouri” program — which is part of the Library Services and Technology Act. The lockers will be ready for use in about 3-weeks. They can be found inside the City Halls in Granby and Diamond as well as the business “Clicks and More” in Stella.

“Well, it’s an amazing thing for rural communities because it’s very hard to come to Neosho anytime you want something. We’re especially excited for the teachers at Triway Elementary. This is right across the street from them. And I know school libraries can be very small and very contained with what they have. Now, the world is at their finger tips,” said Carrie Cline, Neosho/Newton Co. Library Director.

Cline says as long as residents have an active Neosho-Newton County Library card, they can order books to be put in the lockers through the Library’s website. Follow this link here to check it out.