PITTSBURG, Kans. — A fixture on the campus of Pittsburg State is celebrating a full-year with a new look.

St. Pius X Catholic Student Center has a remodeled building.

Construction began in March of 2020. with the majority of it wrapping up in January of last year. Improvements include a renovated chapel, computer lab, and coffee shop.

Officials are now also able to have more church services. They say the improvements have been well received and couples are also requesting to be married in the new chapel.

“I love taking people into the chapel for the first time. They love the building. They say ‘Oh this is nice,’ but you open the doors and people are just speechless. They say it feels like a church,” said Father David Voss, St. Pius X Catholic Student Center Chaplain.

Future plans for the chapel included the installation of stained glass windows.

St. Pius was built in 1968.