JOPLIN, Mo. — A local teacher is showing off a passion project that’s over a decade in the making.

Ethan Warrener held a book signing this morning at “Always Buying Books” in Joplin.

Warrener teaches English as a second language to fourth graders during the year in Carthage, but during the summer, he’s a full-time writer.

He completed his self-published book earlier this year.

It’s called “For Home and Hearth” and he began writing it 11-years-ago when he was in college.

All the art in the book was done by Warrener’s family member Marcus Seibert.

Warrener describes his book as a modern post-apocalyptic world, finding a “new normal” in the midst of chaos.

“The world right now, the real world may be terrible or, even in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world, things may be terrible, uh, and people may be terrible, but then there’s always some element of, you know, there are good people, or even there are bad people with a little bit of good in them. And, what circumstances can that goodness come out? Even in really terrible circumstances and with questionably good people, you can still see goodness come out of them,” said Author, Ethan Warrener.

Warrener is already working on the sequel.

It’s about half-way written and Warrener says he plans to finish it by next May.

You can find his book on Amazon Books or at local book stores in Joplin.