CARTHAGE, Mo. — A big goal for Missouri Governor Mike Parson has been developing the workforce.

On Wednesday he chose to highlight the efforts across the state sharing in this goal, one of which happened to be based in Carthage.

“Whenever we walked into the building it was insanely cool for me, I have never been there,” said Carly Simpson, Carthage Student.

“It just captured your eye as soon as you walked in, it was stunning.” said Danny Darland, Carthage Student.

Since the beginning of the school year, students have filled the classrooms taking advantage of the newest renovations to the Carthage Technical Center.

“In August of 2021 we opened up the new part of our facility and expanded and just improved everything that we can offer our students,” said Gage Tiller, Carthage Technical Center Asst. Director.

“We got a new Health Science Department with this big room of awesome things,” said Olivia Bourgault, Carthage Student.

“It’s given me a lot of opportunity, a lot of opportunities. It’s like everywhere you look, there’s a door open for you waiting for you to walk through it,” added Danny Darland, Carthage Student.

This brought Missouri Governor Mike Parson to the ribbon cutting ceremony back in October. He was so impressed he decided to reach back out the the school for the State of the State Address.

“His office reached out to us a few weeks ago and asked us to bring some health science students up to represent our center and career and technical education as a whole,” said Tiller.

“He just wants all of his students to make sure in Missouri that they’re really getting into the workforce area while they’re in high school. It was great to have someone finally represent what we do and see the significance in it,” said Simpson.

Now the school hopes to continue its success in developing the workforce, not just with students, but the community as a whole.

“We have another building that’s being renovated that will allow us to expand some of our adult education programs and further the workforce development initiative Parson has really helped to kickstart,” added Tiller.