CARTHAGE, Mo. — Carthage School Officials now confirm that the ‘cyber event’ they experienced in mid-December of last year was the result of a ransomware attack.

A statement sent out by the district said quote:

“Regrettably, our forensic partners determined the ransomware group behind this attack obtained data from our network and has threatened to publish that information to the dark web. At this time, we do not know exactly what data may be at issue; however, we are working as quickly as possible to determine the answer.”

Superintendent Dr. Mark Baker

The attack is under investigation — and the district has not commented on the amount of the ransom demand.

District leaders say they are working with the FBI on the incident and they do have insurance to cover any losses.

Officials add that they are taking steps to improve network security and that safeguarding student and employee data is a priority.

Access to campus internet and phones when down nearly three weeks when the issue first surfaced