CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum for City Council, School Board, and mayoral candidates.

“It’s very important to give candidates a platform in order to talk to their constituents,” said Julie Reams, Carthage Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Tuesay night, candidates for the Carthage School Board, City Council and the race for mayor got the chance to have their voices heard.

“There are a lot of issues being faced with bridges and streets and budgets and things like that. Those are always a priority in the City. It’s nice the candidates can let the constituents know where they stand on certain priorities,” added Reams.

Carthage residents heard from four school board candidates, eight city council candidates, and two mayoral candidates.

“The questions were sent to all the candidates beforehand. When talking about bridges and streets and the budget they had the opportunity to research those issues on their own so they can make an informed decision should they be elected to take office.”

The Carthage Chamber hopes the public can now feel confident when heading to the polls next week.

“I hope that this encourages them to get out there, go to the polls, and feel like they have been informed. If they haven’t had their questions answered call their board representative. Call who is running for council in the district,” she continued.

“I wanted to hear the candidates. I wanted to mainly because where I live, listen to the people running for School Board because that’s what I can vote for,” said Richard Webster, Jasper County Resident

The community also had a chance to meet the candidates after the forum.

“So many issues in City government and the School Board and they have a variety of issues. I think they touched on those of interest and importance right now.”