CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri school district says thanks to a group that sometimes goes unnoticed, but are extremely important. The Carthage School District Transportation Department received a free lunch today.

There are a total of about 100 employees in that department between bus drivers, bus aides, and maintenance.

Greg Spink is the Bright Futures Coordinator and says this is the least the district can do to say thanks for people who often have a thankless, but very necessary job.

“These guys do a lot of work to make sure our kids are safe and make sure our kids get to school on time, and to make sure our kids get home every day. So we want to make sure we honor them and we let them know how much we appreciate them as a district and Bright Futures wants to say hey man, you guys are some unsung heroes and we appreciate you,” said Spink.

Spink, who is himself a school district bus driver, says Clouds Meats helped make the event possible through a donation of beef.