Carthage 94-year-old Glen Snyder publishes heartfelt memoirs, ‘bringing historical facts to life’

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CARTHAGE, Mo. – Earlier this year, Carthage local 94-year-old Glen Snyder published a book of captivating memoirs about his life during periods like the Great Depression and World War II. His book, Noise of Years, describes a journey through hardships, poverty and a dark time in American history.

“…he travels back in bygone days, bringing historical facts to life,” states Noise of Years‘ synopsis.

From zinc and lead mining, which killed his father, to specifics about the tuberculosis plague that he describes as “secret,” Snyder goes into vivid detail about an era of unrest and change in the United States, as well as describing his own despair growing up in these conditions.

Noise of Years overviews Snyder’s life starting from when he was five-years-old. His memory is impeccable. In the introduction, Snyder writes that being “deprived and neglected” as a child brought him to write this “personal narrative.”

“Going back over ninety years to reminisce and write about my childhood, by chance good fortune smiled on me and I stumbled onto a gold mine of literary material,” Snyder writes in the introduction.

Snyder grew up on a small farm as a poverty-stricken orphan and was adopted when he was seven-years-old. In Chapter 9 of Noise of Years, he relives a childhood memory of observing his classmate eat a “large, juicy orange.”

Snyder says that the aroma and appearance of the orange almost caused him to beg for a taste. But he didn’t, and when his classmate was done with his lunch, Snyder “picked up the orange peelings, found a secluded spot, and commenced to devour this poor substitute.”

School picture, Noise of Years

Many more emotional memories are recorded in Noise of Years, which is a combination of three of Snyder’s previous books: A Legacy for Glen; Hedge Apples, Thorns and Bow Wood; and The Last Remnant.

Snyder began writing about 20 years ago, which has allowed him to express himself and share his life story. He adds that learning to type at Duenweg High School in 1946 was “just about the best thing” he ever did.

All of Snyder’s readers have enjoyed his book, he says. After reading Noise of Years, Snyder says that one reader came to visit him and told him that she’s “‘never read a better book than that.'”

“‘I could live through everything you wrote,'” she told Snyder, adding that he described his memories perfectly. “‘I hardly put it down.'”

Aside from being an author, Snyder has been a successful general contractor, a teacher and a carpenter throughout the years. His lifelong trade as a carpenter is what brought about Snyder’s pen name, Ira Carpenter.

“His hillbilly grammar and vocabulary caused him to put together the words, ‘I are a carpenter’…” states the introduction.

Snyder also made clear that God is his main reason for writing this book; “God is the author.”

Snyder’s goal is to sell one million copies of Noise of Years. He wants to use the money to help his grandson.

To purchase Noise Through Years, contact Snyder at

Each book costs $32.50, including sales tax and can be picked up in Carthage. An additional $6 is added for shipping in Missouri, equaling $38.50.

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