CARTERVILLE, Mo. — An event was held this morning in Carterville to honor soldiers who died in the First World War.

“These are the ones who died for the service of their country,” said Kavan Stull, Carterville Cemetery Association Board Member

Monday morning, Carterville Cemetery held its annual Grave Site Story Walk. The guided tour throughout the cemetery taught visitors about the six soldiers who were killed in action in France.

“Private Hess was a Marine with the Sixth Division. Private Elmer Charbonneau was with the Third Division. Private Wood was with the 35th Infantry Ddivision the same division Harry Truman was a part of. Otto Wheeler was a member of the 77th Division from New York City. Corporal Goodnight was from here, moved to California, and he died of the flu in 1919 while still in France. Private Williams came home from the war but died in 1920 from the effects of posion gas,” said Kavan Stull, Carterville Cemetery Association Board Member.

The soldiers were brought back from France in 1921 and laid to rest at Carterville Cemetery.

“Since that time, their families have forgotten them and nobody decorates their graves. One of these individuals was found at an unmarked grave. We put a gravemarker up for him,” said Stull.

The cemetery has hosted this Memorial Day event for the past 5 years.

“We come out once in a while to help put flags on but we just haven’t done this part. We’d like to know these people and it’s important to know our history. We appreciate your loved ones for serving for us and giving us your all. We thank you,” said Mike Dudley, Carterville Resident.