CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — The school calendar is winding down. But for one local district, that’s just the start of an even busier construction schedule.

It’s everything from upgrading heat & air and new windows to stronger parking lots and a safer environment.

“Our last day of school is May 26 and on the 27th Crossland Construction, our construction manager and general contractor will be be here and ready to get things going,” said David Pyle, Carl Junction R-1 Assistant Superintendent.

And there’s a long list of construction to tackle.

“There’s a variety. We’ll be doing asphalt work throughout the entire district. We’ll be replacing 49 HVAC units on our two-three and intermediate building. We’ll also be doing roof restoration on those two buildings,” he added.

Addressing areas that have deteriorated – one section is a complete replacement while others will get a protective coating.

“With the two-three, window replacement and building envelope improvement that’s going to make that exterior that building look nicer and be more efficient as well.”

It doesn’t stop there. Crews will install new LED lighting and the high school gymnasium will get some upgrades.

“Painting the interior of the gym and a rework of the HVAC ductwork in that gym space,” continued Pyle.

And it’s all got to get done by August 22nd.

“We always look to do improvement projects in the summertime because of course the buildings are either minimally or not occupied. And it’s logistically a much better time to do it. But with the projects that we’ve got happening all of them this summer, it’s a it’s a tight window,” he said.

Summer construction will mean some changes for summer school.

2nd and 3rd graders will have to move to the K-1 building for classes. Intermediate summer school will happen at the Junior High.