CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Carl Junction is conducting an archaeological survey on a piece of land before they can apply for a grant through the National Park Service.

Last week City Council approved a $3,000 archaeological survey for a piece of land on Briarbrook Drive near the clubhouse and parking lot.

The survey must be completed before the city can apply for a $250,000 grant through the National Park Service’s Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The grant would be used to build a pavilion and playground on Briarbrook Drive.

The city says the Osage Indian Tribe requested the survey because the tribe previously lived in the area.

“If that comes back with either one of the Indian tribes or there is something historical in the area that it keys. We have to go to that next step, which is a phase one archaeological. They will actually come out to the site, take a look at it. They might take some soil samples and see if there is anything historical or archaeological,” said Steve Lawver, Carl Junction City Administrator.

A firm out of Springfield will be conducting the survey and could start soon weather permitting.