CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Big projects may soon be underway in Carl Junction, part of a series of improvements made possible by federal funding.

“Center Creek keeps eroding, taking up parking space,” said Steve Lawver, CJ City Admin.

And fixing that is a priority for Carl Junction city leaders.

“We also have a sewer line in that area of Maine that we don’t want it to ever get exposed or anything. So, we’ll try to get it stabilized and, and regrow some of that bank that’s gone,” said Lawver.

At a potential cost of $102,000, it’s the latest proposal for a project to be funded by federal ARPA funding.
Also on the wish list is a way to keep the lights on when the power goes off.

“Will put a big generator on the community center building. Because it is a gathering place, we do have, during emergency situations, we want to be able to keep our phones up and computers up and that type of thing. So we want to make sure we’re able to do that,” said Lawver.

The City of Carl Junction is getting $1.7 million dollars in ARPA funding.

“A lot of opportunities. These are things that we can’t really pay for upfront would have to save and for a long time to be able to do that and which even goes into the waterline issue you know, it would be a long time for we can do that using the state. ARPA funds will allow us to do it a lot quicker,” said Lawver.

And that could turn into even more.

ARPA funding paid for an initial study of the city water system. City leaders will use that to apply for $5 million in state funding for the proposed upgrades.

“We’ve got several areas that are still on undersized lines and not only is that a safety issue with fire supply water supply, but also you know, it affects people’s homes. You know how much water they have and whether they feel those pressure and supply drops,” said Lawver