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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Doctor, Fire Fighter, Lawyer, or I.T. Expert – they’re just a few popular choices for a career.

Maybe you’ve worked as one, two, or even more of those jobs.

In fact, switching careers isn’t unusual.

In fact, many in the business of helping with a job search say five to seven changes is average.

Sometimes it’s a similar field.

But for Randee Kaiser of Carthage, it wasn’t.

Randee Kaiser, Carthage, said, “After graduation got an offer to come to here to Carthage, come and work for the Carthage Press.”

Randee Kaiser started out in sports and photojournalism – but it didn’t stop there.

“Spot news, features, everything in between.”

That included checking the crime blotter every day.

Then one day four years into his job as a reporter – the police chief makes his pitch.

“Sits down across from me and says we’re testing for officer here in about a month and I want you to test – and I looked at him and said I don’t know anything about coppin’.”

Intrigued, he went back and forth many, many times and finally showed up at the PD for testing.

“We’re testing for one position, in the lobby there are 20 people in there and think I’m going to humiliate myself.”

Apparently he didn’t because he was hired.

300 hours at the Police Academy was the start with a position in patrol.

“Got promoted to Sergeant. Spent time on the drug task force.”

Eventually he got a masters degree in criminal justice administration and voters hired him for his biggest job yet.

“Then was the assistant chief at the pd when I ran for sheriff.”

2020 will mark a quarter century in law enforcement.

Kaiser says the only constant is change – and that’s something he still likes.

“I love being outside. I love having the autonomy to be able to do my own thing. I love being around people, even people who aren’t necessarily pleasant. In 25 years I’ve never had two identical days.”

But does he ever regret the switch?

“They’re both good jobs. super glad I got a degree in journalism, don’t regret that one bit.”

But he’s also never regretted the decision to move to law enforcement.

Of course the day he took that step was a big one – very emotional.

To see more about Kaiser’s transition, watch the video below.

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