JOPLIN, Mo. — A southwest Missouri superintendent is moving to a nearby school district.

Jordan Dickey has been the top administrator for Bronaugh Schools since 2019. It’s a job she says she has loved.

But this summer, Dickey will move on to a larger district, taking over duties as the Director of Student Services for Joplin Schools.

She says what she’s learned from her current job will give her a jumpstart in the switch.

“The skills I’ve learned as superintendent at Bronaugh are definitely going to help as I transition back to Joplin. The Joplin district is much larger than Bronaugh, however we follow the same laws, the same rules, the same regulations and I’m over all of the same departments that I will be supervising at Joplin,” said Dickey.

Dickey first started her career in education as a teacher at Joplin’s South Middle School before moving to Bronaugh, first as the K-12 prinicipal and later superintendent.

She’ll start her new job on July 1st.