Bright Futures hosts clothing giveaway for Neosho High School students

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NEOSHO, Mo. — Students at an area high school go on a shopping spree without leaving the building.

“You know, I got the big suit jacket on, with the snake skin shoes,” said Raynard Elias, Neosho H.S. Junior.

Neosho High School Junior Raynard Elias went on a shopping spree today without leaving the building. He and many other students took advantage of the Bright Futures Big Clothing Giveaway inside the school building on his way to the cafeteria to eat lunch. And because the event is free of charge, he says you can’t beat the price.

“This is actually good for the school in many ways because some kids like show up to school in like come with the same clothes and it’s just good for them to come in here and pick out new clothes,” said Elias.

Neosho Bright Futures held one of these events last year and now they hope to have one per semester.

“We have it set up like a thrift store, nothing costs anything, there’s no restrictions, anyone can come, any student, or even faculty in the building and they can shop, take anything that works for them, anything they want, and hopefully at the end of the day there’s nothing left to pack up,” said DeeDee Dowell, Coordinator, Neosho Bright Futures.

Elyssa-Rese Conway just couldn’t help herself when she spotted something to her liking.

“I actually think it’s kind of cool because students don’t have to buy their clothes, it’s free and some students don’t even have clothes, good clothes at least, and I am a clothes fanatic so I of course bought shoes, I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything, or get anything I got shoes,” said Elyssa-Rese Conway, Neosho High School Student.

“We kind of keep a data of what is taken by each student and then do a big report at the end, and we had over 6000 items taken last year and they asked when we were going to do it again, even the faculty, the staff, the principals they’re like this was a huge success, this benefitted so many of our students,” said Dowell.

While many of the items were donated by members of the community, Dowell says some of them came from high school students that wanted to give back to fellow students not as fortunate as they are.

“Accessories, any clothing we have all clothing for all different seasons, shoes, we have coats, we have hats, some Wildcat Wear, just anything donated we bring,” said Dowell.

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