CARTHAGE, Mo. — “Bright Futures Carthage” has more than doubled in size over the past year — but hasn’t had to move.

Administration members with the Carthage School District Special Education Department used to be housed out of the second story of the Bright Futures building at 800 Grant Street. They’ve since moved into the district’s administration building a few blocks away. That leaves the entire 2nd story of the building for Bright Futures to use.

Coordinator Greg Spink says that has allowed him to house food donations on the first floor — and put school supplies, clothing and shoes upstairs.

“Because we just expanded, we got a ton of inventory that’s come in, people have blessed us with coats and clothes, especially with clothes, we need to organize that, we need to split out a guys room and a girls room, we need to sort it according to size and ideally put together an Excel spread sheet,” said Spink.

Spink says he needs volunteers to help him with that sorting and organization.

If you’d like to volunteer, you can visit Bright Futures’ Facebook link here.