NEOSHO, Mo. — A 12-year-old girl who went missing from her Neosho home early Tuesday (5/10), was found early this morning, walking along an Interstate.

Neosho Police Chief, Jason Baird said Ashley Stirewalt, the step-mom of Italia Renee Savage, was driving south on Interstate 49, near 86 Highway, when Stirewalt spotted a girl in a grey sweatshirt, running toward her vehicle.

Police Chief Baird said Savage was wearing the same clothes from the morning she went missing, which included a grey sweatshirt.

In a Facebook post Stirewalt published early this morning, she explains what happened after spotting the girl on I-49:

“For a split second, I thought I was surely delirious, but I decided to hit my breaks, pull over and not second guess myself. I jumped out of the car and I started yelling, ‘Itali, it’s mom, please come to me.’ It took her a minute to grasp that it was me, but after a couple of loud plea’s, she (Itali Savage) starts running toward me as hard as she could. She came into my arms, and that’s when the ‘storm’ ended.”

Ashley Stirewalt, Step-mom of Itali Savage

Police Chief Baird said Itali Savage didn’t suffer any injuries while she was considered missing, and is currently safe at home and doing well.

FACEBOOK POST: Ashley Stirewalt – How She Found Her Daughter, Itali

A Facebook post, written around 4:00 this morning by Ashley Stirewalt, mother of once missing, Itali Savage, explains how and where she found her daughter.

Police Chief Baird stated that the last couple of days wasn’t the first time Savage was considered to be missing.

A press release, issued Wednesday by the Neosho Police Department, claimed that Itali has a history of running away from home and was found during a previous incident, hiding in a storage building near her home.

Detective Dan Cook with the Neosho Police Department said, “Itali Savage has health issues and it was reported to the Police Department that Itali had recently been ill.”

The Neosho Police Department will continue with this investigation, but will begin shifting their focus on the reason(s) behind Itali Savage continuing to run away from home.

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A “Missing Person” flyer created for Itali Renee Savage, and issued by the Neosho Police Department. After Savage was found, the graphic was later re-edited with a “located” sign and the words, “Missing Person” crossed out.

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A K-9 unit out of Arkansas, made the trip to Neosho, MO to aid in the search for a missing 12-year-old girl.