JOPLIN, Mo. — A fire breaks out at a Joplin home, while the Joplin Police Department’s SWAT team attempts to arrest a suspect inside who was wanted in connection with a death investigation.

This all began late yesterday afternoon (3/31), when the Joplin Police Department (JPD) started to conduct a death investigation related to a missing person at 2201 South Jackson.

Throughout yesterday evening, police were in the process of locating a person of interest in that case.

Police got a break in the case when they received information that their person of interest was inside a home located at 2201 South Empire in Joplin.

Captain William Davis with the Joplin Police Department said that once an arrest warrant was obtained, officers responded to that address and attempted to get inside the home, however the suspect refused to come out.

Around 11:00 p.m., JPD activated their SWAT team who then responded to the home at 2201 South Empire.

Once the SWAT team arrived on scene, Captain Davis said chemical munitions were used as a way to get the suspect to come out.

As the SWAT Team worked to get the suspect, a fire erupted in the attic of the home.

While the home was on fire, Captain Davis said officers heard a single gunshot come from inside the residence.

The Joplin Fire Department responded to the blaze and assisted the SWAT team in getting the fire extinguished.

When the fire was out, Captain Davis said the Joplin SWAT team entered the home and found a deceased individual in the attic.

This now makes a second death investigation for the Joplin Police Department.

The cause of the house fire is being investigated by the Joplin Fire Marshall.