WOODSON TERRACE, Mo. – Police badges from across the world ended up at the home of a Woodson Terrace boy after he was bullied for showing his support for police officers during the virtual school year.

The boy’s mother reached out to their neighbor, Officer Ross Sheridan from the Woodson Terrace Police Department.

“She had texted me texted me saying that he was being bullied because he had a thin blue line flag in the background for virtual learning for school and said he was receiving horrible messages form kids in his class calling him very rude and mean names and she didn’t know what to do,” said Officer Sheridan.

The officer told FOX2 he started thinking what he could do as a law enforcement officer to help a kid like Landon who is getting bullied for supporting the police.

Officer Sheridan came up with the idea to collect patches for him. He first got some patches from his chief. Then another member of the department posted a “need of aid call” on a Facebook page for law enforcement officers and the patches, challenge coins, and words of encouragement started pouring in.

One even came all the way from Israel.

“It was a moment I will never forget, just to see his face as he was receiving all these patches,” said Officer Sheridan.