BOURBON COUNTY, Kans. — Several cities in Bourbon County will be busy this summer. Along with festivals and celebrations, many will be focusing on economic development.

“There’s a lot of great things going on throughout the entire county, not just in Fort Scott, and we’re excited about it,” said Robert Harrington, Bourbon County REDI Exec. Director.

This is in part thanks to the launch of the grant program from Bourbon County Regional Economic Develop Incorporated.

“Since last year, our organization has given out $135,000 worth of grants, that a majority of them have been spent outside of the Fort Scott area,” said Harrington.

Places like Redfield are working on building a storm shelter. Mapleton and Uniontown are making their parks ADA accessible.

Even a work-study program is being developed with the Uniontown School District.

” We’re working with local highschool students on getting involved in local businesses and working throughout the summer,” said Harrington.

Fort Scott is seeing some development of its own, a lot of which is building on history.

“Right here in Fort Scott especially, we’re seeing a lot of renovations and a lot of upgrades to some staples in the downtown area, right behind me is the Scottish Rite building. The McDonald Hall building is the second oldest building in town, and they’re bringing it back to life as well doing renovations, and we’re going to be able to see a local retail business in there soon,” said Harrington. “Just the jobs that some of these new businesses, that these individuals are going to put into these buildings, is a huge part of economic development, and growth on this momentum that we’ve started.”