BOURBON COUNTY, Kans. — A local county commissioner is resigning.

Bourbon County Commissioner for District One Lynne Oharah announced his resignation today after seven years in office.

Oharah says he has accepted a position elsewhere to further his career. In the meantime, there are three other Republicans, one Democrat, and one Independent running for his position.

Oharah will be on the ballot on August 2nd but he urges voters to get to know the other candidates.

“The opportunity for a change of venue, if you will. I’ve always looked for new experiences in my life, something I can learn, something I could do, and I’m not ready for retirement. Take a serious look at the candidates. Don’t base your vote on popularity at all, you know. Base it on qualifications. Base it on what you think the future will be for Bourbon County,” said Oharah.

Oharah’s last date in office is July 12th. The county will appoint a temporary commissioner until the winner of the November election takes office.