Joplin Police said the roads have looked a little more empty for Black Friday compared to Black Fridays in the past.

Police have reported a decrease in traffic on Range Line compared to previous years.

This comes as a result of shopping habits changing for Black Friday.

Many stores and shopping centers have changed when they open for the shopping holiday.

Since several stores only opened Friday morning instead of Thursday evening, police in Joplin haven’t dealt with nearly as many violations as they used to.

“Traditionally we see large volumes of traffic on Black Friday and the surrounding weekend and then the time leading up to Christmas,” said Jared Delzell, Sargent at the Joplin Police Department. “This year, this morning traffic was light, we didn’t have any issue. We worked no crashes so far today in the Range Line corridor and we’ve had very little issues.”

Police said they roads look comparable to any other Friday traffic and that you couldn’t tell it was one of the biggest shopping days of the year.