MISSOURI — Four Missouri counties are reporting cases of bird flu — including Jasper County.

According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture 27,000 turkeys were infected and depopulated in Jasper County. Lawrence, Bates, and Stoddard counties also had poultry infections.

It can spread between wild water fowl and poultry by them drinking from the same location, or germs moving from barn to barn.

“One of the things we need to concentrate on for poultry producers is to increase their security. Make sure you are being careful about using different footwear when you go from barn to barn if you are a commercial producer. Not carrying things between barns. It’s so much so as bringing it in on vehicle tires from farm to farm,” said Christi Miller, Missouri Dept. of Agriculture.

Through the end of May, the MDA is suspending all waterfowl auctions, shows, and swap meets in the infected counties.