NEOSHO, Mo. — Today’s Daily Dose of Good News, something new is coming to Big Spring Park in Neosho.

A new all-inclusive swing set.

It’s being made possible by a donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The total cost of the project is a little less than $10,000. Crews will also build a sidewalk leading to the swing set to make it more easily accessible.

“It will have a couple different types of swings on it that, one, that will accommodate wheelchairs, and the other will be a strap-in type seat so that, you know, everybody can have an opportunity to swing. There are two other swing sets in this park already and there’s also another playground here, so, you know, this will be, something that’s needed here,” said Clint Dalbom, Neosho Parks & Rec Director.

The project should be finished and ready to go within the next few weeks.